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How Do Humans Contribute to Global Warming

Throughout most of human history, and certainly, before human beings emerged as a dominant species throughout the world, all climate changes were the direct result of natural forces like solar cycles and volcanic eruptions. Along with the Industrial Revolution and an increasing population size, humans began altering climates with ever-growing influence, and eventually surpassed natural causes in their ability to change the climate. Human-caused global climate change is primarily due to the release, through our activities, of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are released into the air, where they persist for a long period at high altitude and absorb reflected sunlight. They then warm the atmosphere, the surface of the land, and the oceans. Many of our activities contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Fossil Fuels Carry Much of the Blame The process of burning fossil fuels releases various pollutants, as well as an important greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. We know that the use of gasoline and diesel to power vehicles is a large contributor, but overall transportation only accounts for approximately 14% of total  greenhouse gas emissions. The single largest culprit is electricity production by coal, gas, or oil-burning power plants, with 20% of all emissions.   Its Not Only About Power and Transportation The various industrial processes that use fossil fuels are  also to blame. For example, large quantities of natural gas are needed to produce the synthetic fertilizers used in conventional agriculture.    Just the process of extracting and processing coal, natural gas, or oil involves the release of greenhouse gases -- those activities make up 11% of the total emissions. This includes natural gas leaks during the extraction, transportation, and delivery phases. Non-Fossil Fuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cement production hinges on a chemical reaction that releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide.Land clearing (for agriculture or other types of land use) exposes the soil which allows the release of carbon dioxide.Deforestation, especially associated with burning, allows a lot of the  carbon stored in tree roots, branches, and leaves to be released into the atmosphere. Its not a trivial amount: together, land clearing and burning account for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions.Methane (the main constituent in natural gas) is produced in large quantities by microorganisms present in rice fields, making rice production a significant contributor to climate change. And its not just rice: lots of methane is also produced by cattle and other herbivorous livestock.Temperatures are warming especially fast in Arctic regions, and there the thawing permafrost is releasing both carbon dioxide and methane.  By  2100, it is estimated that 16 to 24% of the permafrost will have thawed, enteri ng a vicious feedback loop: as permafrost thaws, it releases stored carbon dioxide and methane, which further warms the climate, melts more permafrost and releases more greenhouse gases. Just as we create greenhouse gases, we can also  take steps to reduce those emissions.  It should become clear from reading this list that a whole suite of solutions is necessary to tackle climate change, beginning with the switch to renewable energy. Responsible stewardship also means encouraging sustainable agricultural and forestry practices. Edited by Frederic Beaudry

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Shadow Kiss Chapter 5 Free Essays

Five MOST DISCIPLINARY ISSUES AT the Academy went to Headmistress Kirova. She oversaw Moroi and dhampirs alike and was known for her creative and oft-used repertoire of punishments. She wasn’t cruel, exactly, but she wasn’t soft, either. We will write a custom essay sample on Shadow Kiss Chapter 5 or any similar topic only for you Order Now She simply took student behavior seriously and dealt with it as she saw fit. There were some issues, however, that were beyond her jurisdiction. The school’s guardians calling together a disciplinary committee wasn’t unheard of, but it was very, very rare. You had to do something pretty serious to piss them off to get that sort of response. Like, say, willfully endangering a Moroi. Or hypothetically willfully endangering a Moroi. â€Å"For the last time,† I growled, â€Å"I didn’t do it on purpose.† I sat in one of the guardians’ meeting rooms, facing my committee: Alberta, Emil, and one of the other rare female guardians on campus, Celeste. They sat at a long table, looking imposing, while I sat in a single chair and felt very vulnerable. Several other guardians were sitting in and watching, but thankfully, none of my classmates were there to see this humiliation. Dimitri was among the watchers. He was not on the committee, and I wondered if they’d kept him off because of his potentially biased role as my mentor. â€Å"Miss Hathaway,† said Alberta, fully in her strict-captain mode, â€Å"you must know why we have a hard time believing that.† Celeste nodded. â€Å"Guardian Alto saw you. You refused to protect two Moroi – including the one whose protection you were specifically assigned to.† â€Å"I didn’t refuse!† I exclaimed. â€Å"I†¦ fumbled.† â€Å"That wasn’t a fumble,† said Stan from the watchers. He glanced at Alberta for permission to speak. â€Å"May I?† She nodded, and he turned back to me. â€Å"If you’d blocked or attacked me and then messed up, that would be a fumble. But you didn’t block. You didn’t attack. You didn’t even try. You just stood there like a statue and did nothing.† Understandably, I was outraged. The thought that I would purposely leave Christian and Brandon to be â€Å"killed† by a Strigoi was ridiculous. But what could I do? I either confessed to screwing up majorly or to having seen a ghost. Neither option was appealing, but I had to cut my losses. One made me look incompetent. The other made me look insane. I didn’t want to be associated with either of those. I much preferred my usual description of â€Å"reckless† and â€Å"disruptive.† â€Å"Why am I getting in trouble for messing up?† I asked tightly. â€Å"I mean, I saw Ryan mess up earlier. He didn’t get in trouble. Isn’t that the point of this whole exercise? Practice? If we were perfect, you’d already have unleashed us upon the world!† â€Å"Weren’t you listening?† said Stan. I swore I could see a vein throbbing in his forehead. I think he was the only one there as upset as I was. At the very least, he was the only one (aside from me) showing his emotions. The others wore poker faces, but then, none of them had witnessed what had happened. If I’d been in Stan’s place, I might have thought the worst of me too. â€Å"You didn’t mess up, because ‘messing up’ implies that you have to actually do something.† â€Å"Okay, then. I froze.† I looked at him defiantly. â€Å"Does that count as messing up? I cracked under the pressure and blanked out. It turns out I wasn’t prepared. The moment came, and I panicked. It happens to novices all the time.† â€Å"To a novice who has already killed Strigoi?† asked Emil. He was from Romania, his accent a bit thicker than Dimitri’s Russian one. It wasn’t nearly as nice, though. â€Å"It seems unlikely.† I dealt out glares to him and everyone else in the room. â€Å"Oh, I see. After one incident, I’m now expected to be an expert Strigoi killer? I can’t panic or be afraid or anything? Makes sense. Thanks, guys. Fair. Real fair.† I slumped back in my seat, arms crossed over my chest. There was no need to fake bitchy defiance. I had plenty of it to dish out. Alberta sighed and leaned forward. â€Å"We’re arguing semantics. Technicalities aren’t the point here. What’s important is that this morning, you made it very clear you did not want to guard Christian Ozera. In fact †¦ I think you even said you wanted us to be sure we knew that you were doing it against your will and that we’d soon see what a horrible idea it was.† Ugh. I had said that. Honestly, what had I been thinking? â€Å"And then, when your first test comes around, we find you completely and utterly unresponsive.† I nearly flew out of my chair. â€Å"That’s what this is about? You think I didn’t protect him because of some kind of weird revenge thing?† All three of them stared at me expectantly. â€Å"You aren’t exactly known for calmly and gracefully accepting things you don’t like,† she replied wryly. This time, I did stand up, pointing my finger at her accusingly. â€Å"Not true. I have followed every rule Kirova laid down for me since coming back here. I’ve gone to every practice and obeyed every curfew.† Well, I’d fudged some of the curfews but not willfully. It had always been for the greater good. â€Å"There’s no reason I’d do this as some kind of revenge! What good would it do? Sta – Guardian Alto wasn’t going to really hurt Christian, so it’s not like I’d get to see him punched or anything. The only thing I would accomplish is getting dragged into the middle of something like this and possibly facing removal from the field experience.† â€Å"You are facing removal from the field experience,† replied Celeste flatly. â€Å"Oh.† I sat down, suddenly not feeling as bold. Silence hung in the room for several moments, and then I heard Dimitri’s voice speak from behind me. â€Å"She has a point,† he said. My heart thumped loudly in my chest. Dimitri knew I wouldn’t take revenge like that. He didn’t think I was petty. â€Å"If she were going to protest or take revenge, she’d do it in a different way.† Well, not too petty, at least. Celeste frowned. â€Å"Yes, but after the scene she made this morning†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Dimitri took a few steps forward and stood beside my chair. Having his solid presence nearby comforted me. I had a flash of d? ¦j? ¤ vu, back to when Lissa and I had returned to the Academy last autumn. Headmistress Kirova had nearly expelled me, and Dimitri had stood up for me then too. â€Å"This is all circumstantial,† he said. â€Å"Regardless of how suspicious you think it looks, there’s no proof. Removing her from the experience – and essentially ruining her graduation – is a bit extreme without any certainties.† The committee looked thoughtful, and I focused my attention on Alberta. She had the most power here. I’d always liked her, and in our time together, she’d been strict but always scrupulously fair. I hoped that would still hold true. She beckoned Celeste and Emil toward her, and the other two guardians leaned closer. They had a whispered conference. Alberta gave a resigned nod, and the others leaned back. â€Å"Miss Hathaway, do you have anything you’d like to say before we tell you our conclusions?† That I’d like to say? Hell, yeah. There were tons of things. I wanted to say that I wasn’t incompetent. I wanted to tell them that I was one of the best novices here. I wanted to tell them that I had seen Stan coming and had been on the verge of reacting. I especially wanted to tell them that I didn’t want to have this mark on my record. Even if I stayed in the field experience, I’d essentially have an F for this first test. It would affect my overall grade, which could subsequently affect my future. But again, what choice did I have? Tell them that I’d seen a ghost? The ghost of a guy who’d had a major crush on me and who had quite likely died because of that crush? I still didn’t know what was going on with these sightings. One time I could write off to exhaustion†¦but I’d seen him – or it – twice now. Was he real? My higher reasoning said no, but honestly, it didn’t matter at the moment. If he was real and I told them, they’d think I was crazy. If he wasn’t real and I told them, they’d think I was crazy – and they’d be right. I couldn’t win here. â€Å"No, Guardian Petrov,† I said, hoping I sounded meek. â€Å"Nothing more to add.† â€Å"All right,† she said wearily. â€Å"Here’s what we’ve decided. You’re lucky you have Guardian Belikov to advocate for you, or this decision might have been different. We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt. You’ll go on with the field experience and continue to guard Mr. Ozera. You’ll just be on a probation of sorts.† â€Å"That’s okay,† I said. I’d been on probation for most of my academic life. â€Å"Thank you.† â€Å"And,† she added. Uh-oh. â€Å"Because the suspicion isn’t entirely removed, you’ll be spending your day off this week doing community service.† I jumped out of my chair again. â€Å"What?† Dimitri’s hand wrapped around my wrist, his fingers warm and controlling. â€Å"Sit down,† he murmured in my ear, tugging me toward the chair. â€Å"Take what you can get.† â€Å"If that’s a problem, we can make it next week too,† warned Celeste. â€Å"And the next five after that.† I sat down and shook my head. â€Å"I’m sorry. Thank you.† The hearing dispersed, and I was left feeling weary and beaten. Had only one day gone by? Surely the happy excitement I’d felt before the field experience had been weeks ago and not this morning. Alberta told me to go find Christian, but Dimitri asked if he could have some time alone with me. She agreed, no doubt hoping he’d set me on the straight and narrow. The room emptied, and I thought he’d sit and talk to me then and there, but instead he walked over to a small table that held a water dispenser, coffee, and other beverages. â€Å"You want some hot chocolate?† he asked. I hadn’t expected that. â€Å"Sure.† He dumped four packets of instant hot chocolate into two Styrofoam cups and then added in hot water. â€Å"Doubling it is the secret,† he said when the cups were full. He handed me mine, along with a wooden stirrer, and then walked toward a side door. Presuming I was supposed to follow him, I scurried to catch up without spilling my hot chocolate. â€Å"Where are we – oh.† I stepped through the doorway and found myself in a little glass-enclosed porch filled with small patio tables. I’d had no idea this porch was adjacent to the meeting room, but then, this was the building the guardians conducted all campus business out of. Novices were rarely allowed. I also hadn’t realized the building was built around a small courtyard, which was what this porch looked out to. In the summer, I imagined one could open the windows and be surrounded in greenery and warm air. Now, encased in glass and frost, I felt like I was in some kind of an ice palace. Dimitri swept his hand over a chair, brushing off dust. I did the same and sat down opposite him. Apparently this room didn’t see a lot of use in the winter. Because it was enclosed, the room was warmer than outdoors, but it wasn’t heated otherwise. The air felt chilly, and I warmed my hands on my cup. Silence fell between Dimitri and me. The only noise came from me blowing on my hot chocolate. He drank his right away. He’d been killing Strigoi for years. What was a little scalding water here and there? As we sat, and the quiet grew, I studied him over the edge of my cup. He wasn’t looking at me, but I knew he knew I was watching. Like every other time I looked at him, I was always struck by his looks first. The soft dark hair that he often tucked behind his ears without realizing it, hair that never quite wanted to stay in its tie at the back of his neck. His eyes were brown too, somehow gentle and fierce at the same time. His lips had that same contradictory quality, I realized. When he was fighting or dealing with something grim, those lips would flatten and turn hard. But in lighter times †¦ when he laughed or kissed†¦well, then they’d become soft and wonderful. Today, more than his exterior hit me. I felt warm and safe just being with him. He brought comfort after my terrible day. So often with other people, I felt a need to be the center of attention, to be funny and always have something clever to say. It was a habit I needed to shake to be a guardian, seeing as that job required so much silence. But with Dimitri, I never felt like I had to be anything more than what I already was. I didn’t have to entertain him or think up jokes or even flirt. It was enough to just be together, to be so completely comfortable in each other’s presence – smoldering sexual tension aside – that we lost all sense of self-consciousness. I exhaled and drank my cocoa. â€Å"What happened out there?† he asked at last, meeting my gaze. â€Å"You didn’t crack under the pressure.† His voice was curious, not accusatory. He wasn’t treating me as a student right now, I realized. He was regarding me as an equal. He simply wanted to know what was going on with me. There was no discipline or lecturing here. And that just made it all the worse when I had to lie to him. â€Å"Of course it was,† I told him, looking down into my cup. â€Å"Unless you believe I really did let Stan ‘attack’ Christian.† â€Å"No,† he said. â€Å"I don’t believe that. I never did. I knew you’d be unhappy when you found out about the assignments, but I never once doubted that you’d do what you’d have to for this. I knew you wouldn’t let your personal feelings get in the way of your duty.† I looked up again and met his eyes, so full of faith and absolute confidence in me. â€Å"I didn’t. I was mad†¦Still am a little. But once I said I’d do it, I meant it. And after spending some time with him†¦well, I don’t hate him. I actually think he’s good for Lissa, and he cares about her, so I can’t get upset about that. He and I just clash sometimes, that’s all†¦ but we did really well together against the Strigoi. I remembered that while I was with him today, and arguing against this assignment just seemed stupid. So I decided to do the best job I could.† I hadn’t meant to talk so much, but it felt good to let out what was inside of me, and the look on Dimitri’s face would have gotten me to say anything. Almost anything. â€Å"What happened then?† he asked. â€Å"With Stan?† I averted my eyes and played with my cup again. I hated keeping things from him, but I couldn’t tell him about this. In the human world, vampires and dhampirs were creatures of myth and legend – bedtime stories to scare children. Humans didn’t know we were real and walking the earth. But just because we were real didn’t mean that every other story-time paranormal creature was. We knew that and had our own myths and bedtime stories about things we didn’t believe in. Werewolves. Bogeymen. Ghosts. Ghosts played no real role in our culture, short of being fodder for pranks and campfire tales. Ghosts inevitably came up on Halloween, and some legends endured over the years. But in real life? No ghosts. If you came back after death, it was because you were a Strigoi. At least, that’s what I’d always been taught. I honestly didn’t know enough now to say what was going on. Me imagining Mason seemed more likely than him being a true ghost, but man, that meant I might seriously be heading into crazy territory. All this time I’d worried about Lissa losing it. Who had known it might be me? Dimitri was still watching me, waiting for an answer. â€Å"I don’t know what happened out there. My intentions were good †¦ I just†¦ I just messed up.† â€Å"Rose. You’re a terrible liar.† I glanced up. â€Å"No, I’m not. I’ve told a lot of good lies in my life. People have believed them.† He smiled slightly. â€Å"I’m sure. But it doesn’t work with me. For one thing, you won’t look me in the eye. As for the other†¦ I don’t know. I can just tell.† Damn. He could tell. He just knew me that well. I stood up and moved to the door, keeping my back to him. Normally, I treasured every minute with him, but I couldn’t stick around today. I hated lying, but I didn’t want to tell the truth either. I had to leave. â€Å"Look, I appreciate you being worried about me†¦but really, it’s okay. I just messed up. I’m embarrassed about it – and sorry I put your awesome training to shame – but I’ll rebound. Next time, Stan’s ass is mine.† I hadn’t even heard him get up, but suddenly, Dimitri was right behind me. He placed a hand on my shoulder, and I froze in front of the door leading out. He didn’t touch me anywhere else. He didn’t try to pull me closer. But, oh, that one hand on my shoulder held all the power in the world. â€Å"Rose,† he said, and I knew he was no longer smiling. â€Å"I don’t know why you’re lying, but I know you wouldn’t do it without a good reason. And if there’s something wrong – something you’re afraid to tell the others – â€Å" I spun around rapidly, somehow managing to pivot in place in such a way that his hand never moved yet ended up on my other shoulder. â€Å"I’m not afraid,† I cried. â€Å"I do have my reasons, and believe me, what happened with Stan was nothing. Really. All of this is just something stupid that got blown out of proportion. Don’t feel sorry for me or feel like you have to do anything. What happened sucks, but I’ll just roll with it and take the black mark. I’ll take care of everything. I’ll take care of me.† It took all of my strength just then not to shake. How had this day gotten so bizarre and out of control? Dimitri didn’t say anything. He just looked down at me, and the expression on his face was one I’d never seen before. I couldn’t interpret it. Was he mad? Disapproving? I just couldn’t tell. The fingers on my shoulder tightened slightly and then relaxed. â€Å"You don’t have to do this alone,† he said at last. He sounded almost wistful, which made no sense. He was the one who’d been telling me for so long that I needed to be strong. I wanted to throw myself into his arms just then, but I knew I couldn’t. I couldn’t help a smile. â€Å"You say that†¦but tell me the truth. Do you go running to others when you have problems?† â€Å"That’s the not the same – â€Å" â€Å"Answer the question, comrade.† â€Å"Don’t call me that.† â€Å"And don’t avoid the question either.† â€Å"No,† he said. â€Å"I try to deal with my problems on my own.† I slipped away from his hand. â€Å"See?† â€Å"But you have a lot of people in your life you can trust, people who care about you. That changes things.† I looked at him in surprise. â€Å"You don’t have people who care about you?† He frowned, obviously rethinking his words. â€Å"Well, I’ve always had good people in my life†¦and there have been people who cared about me. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I could trust them or tell them everything.† I was often so distracted by the weirdness of our relationship that I rarely thought about Dimitri as someone with a life away from me. He was respected by everyone on campus. Teachers and students alike knew him as one of the deadliest guardians here. Whenever we ran into guardians from outside the school, they always seemed to know and respect him too. But I couldn’t recall ever having seen him in any sort of social setting. He didn’t appear to have any close friends among the other guardians – just coworkers he liked. The friendliest I’d ever seen him get with someone had been when Christian’s aunt, Tasha Ozera, visited. They’d known each other for a long time, but even that hadn’t been enough for Dimitri to pursue once her visit was over. Dimitri was alone an awful lot, I realized, content to hole up with his cowboy novels when not working. I felt alone a lot, but in truth, I was almost always surrounded by people. With him being my teacher, I tended to view things as one-sided: He was the one always giving me something, be it advice or instruction. But I gave him something too, something harder to define – a connection with another person. â€Å"Do you trust me?† I asked him. The hesitation was brief. â€Å"Yes.† â€Å"Then trust me now, and don’t worry about me just this once.† I stepped away, out of the reach of his arm, and he didn’t say anything more or try to stop me. Cutting through the room that I’d had the hearing in, I headed for the building’s main exit, tossing the remnants of my hot chocolate in a garbage can as I walked past. How to cite Shadow Kiss Chapter 5, Essay examples

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NHS and Other Clinical Commissioning Groups †

Question: Discuss about the NHS and Other Clinical Commissioning Groups. Answer: Introduction: Since the NHS was founded in 1948, the nation has stayed resolute in the commitment of universal healthcare, irrespective of an individuals age, health and ethnicity, social status or the ability to pay and providing high quality of care for all. Such values remained unchanged within our health service but however, the world has changed. It is, therefore, important the NHS adapt in order to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that science and technology offer patients, carers and those who deliver services to them (NHS England, 2014). I totally agree that the world has evolved over time and it is not the same as it was 70 years ago when NHS was being founded. In as much as NHS has done a lot to ensure there is universal healthcare, I believe that adapting to the new technology would improve healthcare globally. The Government white paper, Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS was brought out as part of the Government plans for transforming the NHS and it includes proposition to give everyone more say over their care and treatment with more chances to make informed choices, as a means of gaining better health outcomes (Department of Health) (DoH, 2010). I believe that the government should take the initiative of making sure that each and every individual is able to access medical care even though they are not financially able. The government's vision is for patients and clinicians to attain decisions about treatment together, with a common understanding of the condition, the variations available, and the risks and benefits of each of those (Coulter and Collins, 2011), where no decision about me without me is the norm. I totally agree with the government ways of decision making such as coming up either a common understanding on the variations available, conditions and risks and benefits for all the citizens as it is for the good of all. Patients and the general public do not always have an awareness of services available to them. The patient public involvement invigorates community engagement to improve health. It is my understanding that in most case, community participation is quite a hustle when it comes to ensuring good medical healthcare for all. This is because the public always have different opinions about everything and coming to a common understanding might be stressing. NHS England and Clinical Commissioning groups have a significant role in ensuring that health providers make individuals personal participation in their health and care a realism ((NHS England, 2017). Yes, I do believe that it is the duty of the NHS and other clinical commissioning groups to ensure that the patients are being involved when it comes to their medical care for example through the consent forms and such. Ensuring people get involved in their care and treatment is backed by support for them to be able to manage their own health and wellbeing on a daily basis. They should be able to determine how much they get involved and make those decisions pertinent to their care and be able to choose and have control over the services they receive within the NHS. The above statement is true as people should learn to be responsible for their own choices especially when it comes to health. They should take the initiative of finding out what kinds of healthy lifestyle they should lead in their day to day life. References Coulter, A. and Collins, A., 2011.Making shared decision-making a reality: no decision about me, without me. King's Fund. England, N.H.S., 2017. Five year forward view. NHS England, 2014.

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American Psychological Association. Just The Fact Essays - Gender

American Psychological Association. "Just The Facts About Sexual Orientation And Youth" APA Psychiatry . March 2010 In 1975, the American Psychological Association has called on psychologists to take the lead in removing the stigma of mental illness that has long been associated with lesbian, gay and bisexual orientations. The discipline of psychology is concerned with the well-being of people and groups and therefore with threats to that well-being. The prejudice and discrimination that people who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual regularly experience have been shown to have negative psychological effects. I believe that the American Psychological Association leaves out any biased background in all factors do to them not viewing sexual orientation as a mental illness and more as you are born the way you are. The American Psychological Association published in the state of Washington in 2010 and has their added and updated the article up to 2017 which I believe that it helps with their credential's do to them keeping the article updated. The American Psychological Association intended the artic le for college students and the youth making their information easy to read and understand by using general terms. How this adds to my research would be is that they view homosexuality as sexual classifications one of them being inherent and the cultural orientation. How their trying covey the reader is the learning of gender through social factors such as schooling, the media and family.By buying all blue or pink, making sure the boy will have trucks and army men, and only dolls or tiny kitchens for the girl they are starting the gender role socialization process right away. Therefore, I ask myself to what extent am I defined by my gender? Gender roles start at such a young age and are present throughout a person's life. This idea is prevalent not only by their family and friends, but also in the media, workplace, and politics. How this compares with my other article is that how Dr. Elizabeth Morgan is trying to convey to the reader is by a research that she did in 2010 she gathere d a group of men and women form all different types of race, culture, religion and countries and her studies concluded that no matter what man and women are affected by so many different aspects of social standards regarding what's right and wrong.

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Holes Book vs. Movie Essays

Holes Book vs. Movie Essays Holes Book vs. Movie Paper Holes Book vs. Movie Paper Digging for evidence as to whether or not the film adaptation of Holes was good Holes is a book by Louis Sachar that was first published in 1998. The film adaptation of this novel, also titled Holes, was released in 2003. These two literary works have many similarities and differences that can be easily compared, or contrasted. The film adaptation, directed by Andrew Davis, successfully represented the original novel by Sachar. Holes is the story of a young man by the name of Stanley Yelnats. Stanley is convicted of a crime that he was not the culprit of and, as a result, he is sent to Camp Green Lake. This camp is a Juvenile detention camp; the children there are required to dig holes every day as their punishment. While at Camp Green Lake, Stanley makes friends with a boy named Zero. These two become good friends and, one day, Zero runs away from the camp. Stanley decides that he should run away to in an effort to save Zero from certain death. When Stanley finds Zero they are both very weak; despite this, Stanley carries Zero to the top of a mountain by the camp and they survive off of onions up there for about a week. After this week, they decide to go ack to the camp in hopes of finding a treasure that is storied to have been located there. A few days before escaping Stanley found a lipstick tube in his hole, which may be a clue of where the treasure is located; so the boys return to this hole and dig. Soon they find a briefcase with the name Stanley Yelnats on it. This is the suitcase of Stanleys great grandfather who caused there to be a curse on the family. The way that he caused there to be a curse was by not keeping a promise to a woman named Madame Zeroni. He promised her that he would carry her to the top of the same ountain that the boys climbed in return for a pig. Unfortunately, he forgot about this promise and Madame Zeroni puts curse on his family for it. Zero is Madame Zeronis great grandson and when Stanley carries him to the top of the mountain he successfully lifts this curse. So when the boys find the suitcase they are discovered by the warden. She claims that the suitcase should be hers, but, unfortunately for her, Stanleys lawyer comes to the camp and says that he was proven innocent. The lawyer also says that Stanley is allowed to take the suitcase with him when leaving. In he suitcase there are many valuables that bring the familys of Stanley and Zero riches. In the end of the book both boys get to go home. Stanley goes back to his newly curse-less family and Zero goes back to his long lost mother; they are both very wealthy as a result of the treasure. The representation of some characters was good from the book to movie, but other characters were poorly represented in the film. This, in some situations decreases the validity of the adaptation; overall, though, the characters were adapted to the film well. One poorly represented character is the main character Stanley Yelnats. The creators of the film did not do a satisfactory Job of representing this characters physical attributes in the film. In the book he is described as a more heavy set child, but in the movie Shia LaBeouf, who is casted as Stanley, is very thin. The film makers also did fail to represent a lot of this characters physiological attributes. According to 21 centurylibrarian. om, l felt the book went into much more a ou Stanley Yelnats Inner tnougnts ana Teellngs wnlcn aaaea numor not transferred into the movie. The novel shows him as seeming to be threatening, but n the movie LaBeouf is very meek and calm in most situations. One physiological attribute of Yelnats correctly represented in the film is his awkwardness. Shia LaBeouf does an acceptable Job of showing this undeniable awkwardness . This inaccurate representation effects the film negatively because the viewer has an incorrect representation of how Stanley really is, thus changing the viewers entire outlook of the story. Most other characters, however, are casted well in the screenplay. The actor that plays Zero was similar in stature to how Zero was described in the book, and his attitude was very much the same. The emotional side of Zero was probably his most important attribute; Khleo Thomas, the actor that plays Zero, is successful in showing this emotional side. Other smaller characters have good casting, too. All of the actors who play these roles realize each characters major attributes and do a great Job of showing them in the film. For example, Noah Poletiek plays Twitch. As his name shows, he is a little bit crazy and Poletiek does a great Job of showing that Twitch may do anything at any second. He does a first-class Job of showing passion when Twitch speaks of cars, as well. This may have been the most rucial part of the role of Twitch. The actress who plays the Warden does an excellent job in every aspect of that role. According to TheBespectacledLibrarian. com, Sigourney Weaver was absolutely amazing as the Warden, intimidating and frightening while also believable as someone who had pinned her whole life on the search for treasure. Two more characters were represented in both the book and the movie. These two characters are Kate Barlow and Sam the Onion Man. These two are represented with great detail in the book, and the movie does an excellent Job of staying true to their appearances. Much of these two characters appearances is through expression, not physical form. For instance, a good casting of Kate is an actress that can go from being a si mple school teacher to a cold-blooded killer in the matter of one scene. Patricia Arquette, who plays Kissin Kate Barlow, does this exceptionally. An actor who plays Sam the Onion Man must be able to play the charming man that wins over the teacher. Dule Hill, who plays Sam, does a satisfactory Job of this in the film adaptation. One last character was Madame Zeroni. Eartha Kitt, who plays Madame Zeroni, does a very convincing role of the woman who ast the spell on the Yelnats family. The ways in which majority of the actors play their roles and represent their characters enhances the films overall effectiveness. Of all these roles, only one was unsatisfactory when compared to the character in the novel. The current day plot in the film had many similarities and differences when compared to the original book by Sachar. These plot changes made the movie a good adaptation due to the fact that many were minor and would have added many unnecessary details to the plot . There are many miniscule details in the plot that are changed in the movie for differentiating reasons. In the book there is a character by the name of Sarah Miller, she is the wife of Elya. In the movie the writers neglect to mention her existence. Since she doesnt affect the plot, her existence wasnt vital in the film. Something else that occurs in the book is an incident between Stanley and Zigzag. Zigzag hit Stanley on the head with a shovel and he gets a large gash. This gasn Is tnen Danaagea Dy Mr. Sir ana everyone seems to snow concern Tor Stanleys well being. In the movie, Squid is the attacker and Stanley is still the victim. No one seems to care for Stanley in the film during this incident; Zero is the one to assist him nd Stanley doesnt receive a gash, or even a cut. One final small detail that changes from the book to the film is when Stanley reaches the mountain. In the book he struggles to find water and must dig to reach it. In the movie, there is a stream that he and Zero drink from. This, obviously, means that no digging is required. If they were to dig for water it would have taken up time in the movie and would have dragged the movie on. All major points in the current day plot, however, remain true to the novel. In both Stanley is sent to camp and cures his family curse, along with all other major plot points. Staying this true to the plot helps make this film a good adaptation to the book. This story also has an abundance of flashbacks that add validity to the plot of the present day. The representation of these flashbacks in the movie was satisfactory due to the fact that the movie included all vital flashbacks, only changing details in them. These flashbacks occur in the film as well as the original book written by Sachar. Unfortunately, in the film adaptation there are a few flashbacks that cause this movie to incorrectly represent the book. For instance, Stanley Yelnats has flashbacks of being bullied when he was back home. This is mentioned in the book to help show that he had a tough social life, but the movie does not show these flashbacks for some reason. Also in the plot of Holes, there are countless flashbacks to the times of Kissin Kate Barlow and Sam the Onion Man. Although the film does include these flashbacks, it makes a few mistakes in detail when mentioning these flashbacks. For example, when Sam and Kate kiss in the book they are outside and it is raining. In the film when they kiss it is inside the school house and it is not raining outside Another flawed flash back including these two characters is when Sam is hot. In the book when he is shot they are both out on the boat together; in the film Sam is alone in the boat, but Kate is by the shore and witnesses this murder. The changing of these flashbacks did decrease effectiveness of the film, but not enough to drastically change the films quality. There is one more detail from the past that the movie changes. This detail involves the amount of money in the treasure that the Yelnats family receives in the end of the story. In the movie there is one bond that was worth twenty five thousand in nineteen hundred and five. This would be equal to illions in present time in the story. In the novel, on the other hand, there are multiple bonds worth close to one million dollars. There was also a presence of jewels worth about twenty five thousand in total. This small detail doesnt have a big enough effect to effect the adaptations validity, but could have easily been represented correctly. Despite all these minor changes, the film does accurately show the big picture in these areas. The cinematic version overall does show the novels intentions for the flashbacks successfully. Conclusively, there are many factors that show whether or not the film adaptation f Holes was good or not. Based on these chosen factors, the film, directed by Andrew Davis, did accurately represent the novel Considering all factors, the film adaptation was one of high quality. According to TheReadventurer. com, As this movie went from scene to scene following the book almost to the word on some pages malntalnlng almost everytnlng even tne trlcKy T lasnoacKs wnlcn I was 1 sure that theyd never be able to duplicate in film even the food served in the cafeteria realized that this was actually the most faithful film adaptation of any book Id ever seen. EVER. Catie. Book vs. Movie: Holes by Louis Sachar. The Readventurer. The Readventurer, 26 February 2012. web. 5 October 2013. Holes. Dir. Andrew Davis. Walt Disney Pictures, 2003. Film. Joy. Book vs. Movie: Holes. The Bespectacled Librarian. The Bespectacled Librarian, 19 February 2013. web. 5 October 2013. PaJtas, Margaret. Holes the Movie vs. the Book. 21st Century Librarian. 21st Century Libranan, 27 February 2009. web. 5 October 2013 . Sachar, Louis. Holes. New York: Yearling, 1998. Print. Sachar, Louis. Holes the Book. Louis Sachar. Louis Sachar, 2002. Web. 18 October 2013.

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Three FBLA goals important for Business Leadership Essay

Three FBLA goals important for Business Leadership - Essay Example Always focus on your own strengthens and bring forward the best effort even if you feel it isn’t enough. I am a proud American; but since many years it seems like the strength of the patriots in the past is sliding off from its foundations. The citizens are not as committed to the cause as before. We are the makers of America and we need to believe that this is our country and provide maximum effort to its development. Without the development of one’s own character it would not be possible to develop the character of the nation. Through integrity, commitment, ownership, flexibility and balance it would not only be possible to incorporate an excellent character but at the same time bring forward a strong asset for the economy at large. Strong relationships are to be built with the businesses, the tertiary sector and many other organizations related to community for students to understand their level of importance while educating them. The role models and mentors play a vital role in enhancing the knowledge regarding the real world. It is always wise to absorb as much information as possible from these mentors as it will go a long way into your future. In the contemporary world today, businesses are becoming extremely complex, and for this reason the education systems are working with the organizations to plan and implement a strong curriculum. Some of life’s best lessons are learned from the hardest situations. Never run from these situations, always believe in yourself and come forward to manage them and learn from them. Believing in the cause helps the individual understand the importance of the situation, and he, then participates with complete effort. It is essential to not only believe in yourself but also in the case at hand. The American business enterprise requires motivated and committed individuals who not only present their abilities and skills but also provide a level of